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The Situationals

the bandNew Music Out Now!

The Situationals

New Live Date!

The Situationals/Leisure McCorkle

Sat May 25, 2024

Tommy’s Pub – Charlotte, NC

Let’s get it on! Saturday, May 25, The Situationals and Leisure McCorkle will take the stage at Tommy’s Pub. 8pm. Bring everyone you know for a night you won’t forget!

Happy Holidaze to everyone! The Situationals have released their long awaited follow-up to 2009’s Bellwether. Titled Short Street Party, the band first began recording in the Spring of 2015 at Old House Studios in Charlotte, NC. The births of several children, career changes, deaths of several loved ones and even a pandemic could not stop them from releasing it digitally on all your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube and more. Save your allowance: a release on vinyl may be happening in the future!

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The Situationals put a modern spin on post‐punk powerpop.

Guided by their love of ‘80s alternative, early NYC punk, new wave, and contemporary indie, the energetic band adds to these influences their own strong songs, smoldering hot vocals, and driving instrumentation.

The Situationals are Kelly Morse, Candice Tucker, Bryan Askew, Jason Perkins, and Michael Carinelli. They formed in Charlotte, North Carolina and quickly gained a reputation for their raucous live shows and unique material. Their music has been used in films and television. In 2006, they released the debut EP, “Heaven is High and The Emperor is Far Away” to enthusiastic reviews. Three years of relentless live shows and writing resulted in the self-produced full length album Bellwether, released January 1, 2009.

Now, The Situationals are on the verge of releasing new material. Their first new album in 13 years, “Short Street Party,” was recorded at Old House Studio in Charlotte with acclaimed producer Chris Garges. While the band plays live shows in preparation for the release of the album you can catch the first single “Chung King” here:

Critical Acclaim for The Situationals:

“For a couple of weeks this song ‘Way Too Blue’ has been tugging at the corners of my cortex and driving me crazy. It’s not the most complex number â€ basically, just a spangly, arpeggiated riff, part‐Edge/part‐ Andy Summers, married to a thrumming rhythm. But it is the most insidiously insistent song I’ve heard all year, a bonafide pulse‐quickener and hip‐twitcher. Key among its components: vocalist Candice Tucker, who with her sensual coo, operatic delivery and tuff‐gal swagger, brings to mind a cross between Debbie Harry, the Motels’ Martha Davis and early ’70s proto‐grrrl rocker June Millington. Song after song on this mini‐album from Charlotte’s Situationals has its own compelling twist: crunching opener “Sometimes” is pure Clash; “Boys Of Troy,” with its martial thump and guitar lick is destined to be embraced by the post‐punk, dance‐club set; and a Jesus & Mary Chain cover, “Hardest Walk,” adds a hint of the classic girl‐group productions of Phil Spector to the Situationals’ already widescreen equation. Throughout, Tucker, abetted by her four male co‐conspirators, exudes genuine star quality as her emotions â€â€ one moment vulnerable, the next guarded, then stricken, but full of resolve â€ unfurl. Based on the sonic evidence here, I can say that The Situationals are the most exciting female‐fronted Tarheel band since Fetchin Bones or the Graphic.” – Fred Mills. Stomp and Stammer

“Press play for the 1st time and you feel as though you stepped into the gymnasium for the school dance scene of a John Hughes flick. While the feeling stays with you, it is not all the Situationals bring to the table. The six track EP heaven is high and the emperor is far away makes an 80’s meets 90’s sound timeless. By the third listen you will find yourself tapping your foot, singing along and maybe it will even inspire a little chair dance.” –

“Fans of the ’80s era will welcome the original lyrics and composition, and with the retro theme permeating the music scene, the genre has yet to tire out. The Situationals put a fresh new spin on the sound of that era, and once the synthesizers kick in, the music has an added richness not often found in the music of its predecessors. Whether you grew up listening to the sounds of Blondie and The Pretenders or weren’t even born yet, you might find something you like here. The Situationals’ sound has a universality that could captivate an audience of thirty‐somethings and teens alike. Now ’80s music fans can enjoy Reagan‐era sound, without the Reagans. As they say, everything old is new again.” – Amanda Durham. Performer Magazine

“I was most impressed by how well they captured the feel of their live show. The production is amazing. The vocals are stellar. The music does all the right things at the right times. With production by The Situationals’ own Kelly Morse, the band has really outdone themselves with this piece of high voltage, melodic rock.” – Seth Boulton. Amps 11 Magazine

“A lot of bands from the Charlotte area have come and gone in the last 20 years. Too many to name here. The Situationals have not only stuck around, they’ve managed to weather the storms of changing musical tastes, the digital download revolution, personnel changes and pandemics and in the process carved out their own unique niche in the sometimes confusing, often maddening North Carolina music scene. That alone should tell you all you need to know about this band. Now go buy the records. And tell a friend.” – Pat Rick. Self-Proclaimed Gaston County Music Critic and Beer Aficionado